Content 101 – Guru 4 Step System

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Content 101 – Guru 4 Step System

When it comes to social media, we want to create content that speaks to our audience. We want to make sure that our transition from brand identity, to brand discovery, to brand loyalty is as smooth as possible and we want to have our viewers enrolled with our content ASAP. How do we do this? We have created a simple 4 step system to help you out, create, engage, review, RESULTS! ⠀

Step 1. Create – Create content that evokes an emotion. Be creative. Make your audience feel some type of way. Bring them VALUE. The first pillar of social media is making sure you are getting your message across with the content you are posting. But first things first, be original! Having your own brand voice, and brand image on social media is crucial to gaining brand loyalty. You can create all sorts of content but with your brand’s unique touch. Such as, share your story, client testimonials, how to’s, shoutout local businesses, come up with quotes/memes about things in your industry, or even share an awesome inspirational quote every once in a while.

Step 2. Engage – We can’t stress enough how important it is to engage with your audience. Follow back, comment back, like their photos, & share their content. These are all ways you can engage with your audience and create a community around your brand. Relationships go two ways, even when it comes to social media, and people buy from people (especially ones they can trust). One way of building trust within your brand is by actively being engaged with your audience.  ⠀

Step 3: Review- Do you currently review your performance results a day or two after you post? If not, you should be. Taking the time to review and tweak your content based on the data is KEY. Listen to what the data tells you, and make those changes! Reviewing your content performance will help you better understand your audience, and can help you perform better with your content messaging.

Step 4: RESULTS – And lastly, be sure to track your results. Keep a record of what you have tried, and how it performed so you can look back at your content strategy and see where you could improve in the future. If something doesn’t seem to be working, SWITCH IT UP. Make sure to be checking your insights on Instagram and using your analytics tools that are available on Facebook regularly, these tools can benefit your business tremendously, and will allow you to tailor your efforts accordingly. Review what the data tells you, and use that to GET RESULTS.

We hope you find these small tips helpful! For more Guru Tips you can check out our Instagram page, @socialguru4you

Have a great day everyone!


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