Content Ideas For Realtors

content ideas for realtors

Content Ideas For Realtors

Are you currently in the Real Estate Industry? Has COVID really affected your ability to do business as normal? If your answer is yes, then we have some tips for you!

Just as many other industries, being a Real Estate Agent/Broker in these times is nothing short of difficult. With contactless delivery, and virtual Secretary of State meetings… the way of doing business sure has changed. What’s this mean?

It’s time to rethink your business plan for 2021.

Are you implementing new procedures/techniques in order to adapt to current times?

If you are willing to adapt in order to maximize sales and efficiency, you will have a leg up on your competitors, and be prepared if another economic disaster strikes. We are seeing many businesses become very successful by implementing new techniques in order to grow their market, especially in the Real Estate industry.

Here are a few Tips From The Gurus that can help you use social media to drive your Real Estate sales.

Tip 1: Post about new listings, and SOLD listings. One way of getting your properties out in front of people is to post about them to socials. There are many techniques you can use to do this, but one thing we always recommend when posting your listing is always utilize different hashtags. Hashtag the location of the property, along with key attributes and features to reach the right target audience. You can also spend very little in Facebook Ads and target your ideal consumer for each property.

Tip 2: Be the Go-To expert in this field. How? Share your knowledge. Become a “thought leader.” You can do this by sharing your background and expertise, or by creating informative posts for your audience, showing you are an expert in your industry. You could share things like, “The Process of Buying a Home, or “Tips on Home Buying,” or, “How to Find The Right Agent.” Be creative, and be sure to share who you are in your content as well. People buy from people, and with social media you can build trust within your brand by bringing humanization and personification to your content.

Tip 3: USE VIDEO CONTENT! This is the most important tip we could share with you. You can use video to create Virtual Showings for your customers, making them feel at ease during these times, and ensure that none of your clients will miss a showing due to social distancing. This also allows you to do showings at any time of the day! You can pre-record these videos or create a “LIVE” event and/or create a private virtual event. The options are endless.

You can also use features such as Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories to create fun short video’s for your viewers.

Tip 4: Share client testimonials. Sharing client testimonials can help you boost sales by exposing viewers to the work you do. Reviews are everything! Reviews build positive brand recognition which builds trust within your brand, which in turn leads to new sales. Word of mouth advertising is some of the most powerful advertising on the market and tapping into this virtually could really help boost your clientele.

Positive reviews = new clientele! Remember this.

So, if you are in the Real Estate industry, start implementing these small tips and see if you find a difference. We guarantee you will see results!


The Gurus