Content Planning: Your Social Media Posts

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Content Planning: Your Social Media Posts

Social media can be a full time job if you let it, this is why being organized is KEY! There are so many tools that are available to you so you don’t have to hassle with making a social post during the middle of your crazy work day. The Gurus have a few tools and tips to help you save some time!

Sign up for a scheduling app! Our favorite app to schedule posts is Hootsuite. There are others like Later, Buffer, ScheduleGram, etc.

Create and plan. Spend one day a week creating and planning your posts.

Create a content plan and strategy. We’ve found that mixing your posts up from messaging, to informative, to inspirational etc. can really help build engagement with your brand. Find what types of post work for your brand, and rotate them accordingly.

Lastly, this is a small tip but it can definitely help you with your time management. TURN OFF your notifications for your socials while you are working. This will help you focus better, and if you are scheduling your content ahead of time, then you wont have the need to bother with socials during the day.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if your socials aren’t preforming the way you would like- we’d be happy to give you some advice!

Why do you prefer Hootsuite over Buffer?

Hootsuite offers more of an overall dashboard for your social profiles. You get to see your different timelines, as well as the different actions being taken on each platform while all being displayed at the same time on your dashboard. Hootsuite also gives you more insights and data that you can use to better schedule your posts.