Creating Content That Converts

Guru 3 Step System To Create Content That Converts

Creating Content That Converts

When it comes to social media, it is all about building community within your brand, and building authentic consumer relationships. This is why when it comes to your content strategy, you want to make sure to always bring value to your consumer, or making them feel the trust within your brand. If you want to create content that converts to sales, always have your consumer in mind when doing your content creation. Here are the “Three S’s” you should focus on when creating content for your social media profiles.

SPARK: Y’all already know! Share something that leaves your audience on the edge of their seat, bring them value, make them feel some type of way. SPARK their attention, evoke an emotion, make them listen. You only have about a 10th of a second to reel them in as they are scrolling. ⠀

STORY: Tell them a story that creates that “me too” feeling! This is you bridging the gap between you and your audience. People crave to feel like they aren’t alone. I mean, haven’t you come across that one meme or post that just hit you right in the gut and you felt like screaming,


These are the moments that will make people listen!

SOLUTION: Now this is where your work of mastery comes in handy. Once you’ve sparked their interest and evoked the “me too” emotion, now is the time to close the deal. Your product/service IS THE SOLUTION. If you have done your job right and mastered your messaging, your product should speak for itself! ⠀

Keep these tips in mind as you are creating/posting content for your socials. Hopefully now you might have a better idea on how to create content that has an end goal attached it it. ⠀

Happy Monday! ⠀

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