How To Dominate Social Media Marketing – Guru Checklist

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How To Dominate Social Media Marketing – Guru Checklist

Do you feel lost on how to approach social media marketing for your business? Well the good news is… you are NOT ALONE. So many business owners know how important social media is and understand the potential of it, but completely lack the knowledge and time it takes to actually see results.

This is a comprehensive checklist that the Gurus have created for YOU to reference or implement into your business’s Social Media Marketing Plan to ensure social media SUCCESS!

  1. Are you consistent with branding?
  2. Are you actively engaging with your audience on a daily basis?
  3. Do you have a clear definition of who exactly you are targeting with your marketing?
  4. Are you using the analytics tools available to you on each platform?
  5. Are you using storytelling techniques to ensure your audience enrolls with your messaging?
  6. Do you have a strong CTA (call to action) for your posts?

Are you optimizing your content/profiles for SEO?Ask yourself these questions right now. Are you already implementing these into your social media strategy? If not, start today! You will be AMAZED by the results.