The Future Of Customer Engagement is HERE

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The Future Of Customer Engagement is HERE

“The future of customer engagement is HERE.” ⠀

What’s this mean for us small business owners?⠀

It means that our consumers are looking for brands they can trust, now more than ever, and your socials should be a source where consumers can go to feel that trust. It means that consumers want to engage and enroll with the brands/businesses they choose to buy from. It means that personification and humanization for your business has never been more important, and that digital customer service strategies need to be implemented into your business plan.

You see, we are coming into a time where traditional advertising is OUT and focusing on more true, authentic relationships is IN. With Gen Z downloading “ad blocking” apps and Instagram removing likes… we are truly segueing into a new era where more is in fact, not merrier. Staying hyper-focused on your customers and their needs will set your business up for success come 2022. Integrating message automations, direct message responses, chat boxes, live customer service agents, customer surveys, and digital customer engagement will further help you make those lasting connections with your consumers.