Guru Tips: 5 Ways to Dominate Social Media

Guru Tips Dominate Social Media Petoskey

Guru Tips: 5 Ways to Dominate Social Media

Social media can be an essential asset to your business, but understanding when and how to use it can be a task! The Gurus have a few helpful tips for finding success online.

Five Helpful Tips to Dominate Social Media

  1. Go Live: Take advantage of this tool and have a more interactive approach with your consumers.
  2. Interact with Instagram & Facebook Stories: Boost engagement, generate leads, and drive traffic!
  3. Stay Updated with Hashtags: Use industry relevant tags, and pay attention to those that get used the most!
  4. Experiment with Ads: No matter your budget, there are tons of ways to take advantage of ads and work on expanding your reach.
  5. Re-purpose Content: Was your audience highly receptive to a post? Try recreating it! Showcase a different side of your business, refresh and republish old posts with high engagement, and even transform your content into a valuable email series!

These are only a few of the ways you can get the most out of your socials, and have them work for YOU! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you feel like your profiles aren’t preforming the way you would like. We would love to consult you on what strategy would be best for your business!

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The Gurus

Why am I not getting the results I hoped for?

The Social Media Gurus have a few tips on how to grow your social media profiles: Identify your objectives. Identify targeted audience. Identify your ideal consumer. Find out their needs. Engage with your audience. Identify your brand voice. Create content that speaks to your audience. Remember to be human, no need to always be sales-ey. Growing your social media profiles can be EXHAUSTING. We get it! That’s why it’s important to identify these things in order to know what you are working towards.