Guru Tip: 18 Ways to Promote Your Business

Social Media Guru Petoskey Promote Your Business

Guru Tip: 18 Ways to Promote Your Business

The Gurus have come up with 18 ways to promote your business for free. Following these helpful tips will help grow your business!

18 Ways to Promote Your Business for FREE

  1. Create a Google My Business profile for your business
  2. Upload photos/videos/offers/services to your Google My Business profile
  3. Create a Instagram business profile if you have not already
  4. Use your Instagram “story” feature for ephemeral posts that only last 24 hours
  5. Create “highlights” on your Instagram profile – highlights are a collection of past “stories” posted. You can organize them by category or however you see best fit for your business.
  6. Create an IG TV video to promote your business’s services or products.
  7. Use Instagram Live. This tool is great to have live Q &A with your audience/consumers and will give you an opportunity to bring humanization to your brand by engaging with them in real-time.
  8. Have a Facebook Business page.
  9. Have an Instagram Business profile.
  10. Get involved in Facebook Groups.
  11. Use your Facebook “story”
  12. Use your Facebook page “story”
  13. Use Facebook Live
  14. Set up automatic message replies on Facebook Messenger
  15. Use Facebook “Events” to promote any parties, workshops, webinars etc.
  16. Email Marketing
  17. Host a Webinar to have an exclusive explanation of your product/services
  18. Blog! We can’t stress this one enough. The more you are updating your website, and feeding your socials fresh content, the higher the chances are of you being found by your ideal consumer.


Isn't Social Media just for connecting with friends?

Not at all. Social Media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools your business can use for promoting your brand. You can now connect with clients where THEY are - on Facebook, Instagram, and more!

What if we don't have time to manage Social Media for our business?

That's where The Gurus come in. We can help you manage your social media channels and social campaigns. We have plans that fit every budget, no matter how large or small. The Gurus will do the work so you can focus on running your business.