More Followers Does NOT Equal More Clients

More Social Media Followers

More Followers Does NOT Equal More Clients

Alright guys, here’s something that may come to a surprise, but it must be talked about. More followers does not, and I repeat, does not equal more clients.

Here’s why:

More followers are great and all, but what we need to focus on is content that will convert your audience as consumers.

Here’s the thing. If you have 10,000 followers and you can’t convert a single one of them into a client, you’re missing something.

How do you do this? Check out your top 5 posts.

  • Are you telling the story that you want to be heard?
  • Are your objectives being met with the content you are posting?
  • Do you have a strong call to action?

If not, make the change today!

Everything you post needs to have purpose and a goal behind it. Bring that value, spark that emotion!

Start right now. Post something something with intention – notice the difference.