Pinterest for Business Helps Generate Traffic

Pinterest for Petoskey Michigan Business

Pinterest for Business Helps Generate Traffic

Pinterest is a great social search engine for your business, especially if you have a retail shop or items to sell. When you start reviewing the sources of your traffic, you will see that a lot of the visits to your website are coming from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a Traffic Generation Machine!

People look to Pinterest as a search engine, and not as a social channel like Facebook or Twitter. Pinners find helpful tips, recipes, fashion, and other useful resources, and they pin the ones they like to review and use later.

People will find your content in Pinterest and your link will send them right to your website for more information.

Helpful Resources vs. Self Promotion

On Pinterest, you want to create content that has value. Your graphics need to be appealing and get people’s attention.

Pinterest is not the place to share salesy, overly promotional content. If you send people to your website and you hit them hard with self-promotional content, they will exit your site, and fast!

The link destination on your pin must match the content on your website. Nothing frustrates a pinner more than clicking on the Visit button in Pinterest only to find content that’s unrelated to your original pin.

Pinterest is a Search Engine

People use Pinterest as more of a search engine so that’s how you need to approach it when you start planing your strategy for creating and sharing pins.

Focus on people who are looking for specific topics where you are the expert. Make sure you have a post of that topic on your website and place a link in your pin. This is how you send people to your website.

Give Pinterest a try. It’s a great way to generate targeted traffic for the long term.

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