Social Media: Sharing Stories and Building Community

Social Media Stories Building Community Petoskey Michigan

Social Media: Sharing Stories and Building Community

Social media has FOREVER changed the marketing game! So often we forget that social media is about building community, not markets.

Social media is all about sharing your brand identity, and your brand voice. It is a source where your consumers can go to find out why your business is different, and what your companies beliefs and core values are.

The Social Gurus have shifted from a more traditional marketing approach to more of what we would call a “messaging” approach. And what we have found is, speaking to your consumers through messaging builds engagement and actually gives you a better consumer acquisition rate.


In fact, the numbers are quite overwhelming. Sharing your story, what your core values are, asking questions, employee highlights… These are ways that you can share your story, but in a way that your consumers will WANT to engage.

Remember this: People don’t like to be talked at. They like to be talked TO.

So… what story are you telling?

What are some examples of storytelling for my business?

Every business has a personality behind its brand, and storytelling is when you get to share who you are, what you do, and the people behind the scenes. Stories show more than just a headshot and share a catchy slogan. Share photos and videos of behind-the-scenes at your office. Get photos of things you do at your office and places you go to volunteer in your community. Let’s get real social! Let people see the real you because we prefer to hire people we like!