Guru Tips for Bomb Social Media Photos!

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Guru Tips for Bomb Social Media Photos!

Visuals, visuals, visuals. Social media is all about the visuals! Do you feel like you are taking decent photos for your social media profiles but when you go to post your photo looks dull and dreary?

Well, The Gurus are going to let you in on a little secret! We edit our photos in less than 30 seconds WITHOUT using a filter.

Photo Tips for Social Media

Tip #1: Steer clear from using filters each platform has built in. These filters can be harsh, and not do your photos justice.

Tip #2: Adjust Brightness and Contrast. To make a photo instantly come to life you can try two things, adjust the brightness, and adjust the contrast. We typically increase both of these in order to get the result we are looking for, just depends on the photo.

Tip #3: Adding Warmth and Saturation. Warming a photo helps make a photo not look so sterile and can make your photo seem more inviting. Adjusting the saturation just a little bit can also bring your photo to life by increasing the vividness in the colors.

More tips to come! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS day!

The Gurus ⠀