Why Your Social Profiles Aren’t Preforming

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Why Your Social Profiles Aren’t Preforming

Are you working hard on your social media profiles but just don’t seem to be gaining any traction? Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things but the results are just not what you expected?

Are you struggling just to find your way?

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The Gurus have a few key pointers that can help you become more a little more successful with your socials.

Strategize: Taking the time to have a well thought out social media strategy is crucial to any business. You should always have an end goal in mind, and come up with social media campaigns that will help you attain that goal. ⠀

Create: Create content that shows who you are as a brand, but in a way that your ideal consumer will want to absorb it. When posting your content make sure your captions are just as thought out as your photos.

Deliver: Bring that value! Entice your audience, inspire them, help them solve a problem. When you bring value, that builds trust, and trust will bring up your engagement.

If you feel your socials aren’t preforming as well as you’d hoped, and you would like to get some advice on what to do about it, schedule your free consultation with Social Guru 4 You today! We’ve helped lots of Petoskey businesses like yours get ahead on social media.⠀

– The Gurus

How should my business be more unique on social media?

Telling stories about your business! The story of how you got to where you are today is a great way to connect, resonate, and inspire your audience in a positive way. Your story will make them WANT to use your services. People buy from people they trust, and one way of building that trust is sharing your STORY.