How-To Stay Consistent On Social Media

Consistency on Social Media

How-To Stay Consistent On Social Media

Consistency is key when it comes to digital marketing. Consistency with your branding, posting, blog/vlogging etc. Whatever your marketing strategy is, you must be consistent in order to gain trust with your potential clientele. Here are a few housekeeping Tips From The Gurus that can help you stay consistent with all things social media.

Guru Tip #1: Well, you guessed it folks… be consistent! It’s essential in remembering to be consistent with everything you do on social media in order to clearly identify who you are as a brand. This goes for logos, headers, bio’s, AND making sure you are posting on a consistent basis. ⠀

Guru Tip #2: Clearly define your brand voice. How exactly do you want your brand to be perceived? Are you a more serious brand who is more reserved? Are you a brand that likes to crack jokes, and be witty? Finding your brand voice on your social channels reflects who you are as a business, and helps your audience connect with you. ⠀

Guru Tip #3: Utilize the tools that are available to you in order to make better posting decisions. Such as, using a scheduling app to plan ahead, and make sure your posts all go out at one time.. or making a company content calendar to plan out content for the whole month. ⠀

Guru Tip #4 If focusing on more than one platform is too much for you, and you find yourself a bit overwhelmed.. then you should definitely spend ALL your focus on one social channel. Master that one channel before trying to excel in another. ⠀

These are just a few little nuggets of knowledge we thought we should share with you today.

We are business owners ourselves who are also running other businesses, so we completely understand what it’s like to be in a pinch and not have the time to put together good content every single day.. but with the help of a few tools, a few pointers, and a good solid strategy.. having fresh, engaging content on the daily will be a BREEZE. ⠀

Who’s ready to get organized and stay consistent?!