5 Tips to Get Your Instagram Noticed

Get Your Instagram Noticed

5 Tips to Get Your Instagram Noticed

I bet you have scrolled across an Instagram account and you catch yourself pausing just for a moment to take an extra peek at that one specific post that grabs your attention.

How do they do it?!

Their content is valuable, their pictures speak a thousand words and they just seem to know how to engage with their audience. These are all very important factors when it comes to curating your Instagram profile.

All social media platforms are different so the content you post on them should be a little different. Your posts should tell a story, evoke a reaction from your audience, and leave your viewers feeling as though they gained something by reading your post.

Here are a few key pointers I would recommend to any new comer to Instagram. Instagram is meant for short stories, evoking content, and attention grabbing captions.

Here are 5 small tips you can use to get your Instagram profile looking better than the competition.

  1. Make sure your content is valuable
  2. Your photos should be clean, crisp, and look professional
  3. Find your niche and stick to that!
  4. Use hashtags WISLEY. Too often a nice post will get ruined by having a paragraph of hashtags in the caption. Don’t be that person! Pick hashtags that are trending, or relate to whatever your post is about.
  5. Use your Instagram story! I can’t stress this enough. Your viewers love to see your “behind the scenes.” This is where you get to show who you are, or what you are working on without having to curate a perfect post. Instagram stories are meant to be raw!