What are SMART goals?

What are SMART goals?

Get SMART with your goals, and get BETTER results! ✅

We’re all about setting SMART goals here at Social Guru 4 You! And by smart, we mean specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals! ⁣

Let’s break it down for ya,

⁠ 📌Specific – So you want to gain a ton of followers? But, what exactly is a ton? Is 1000 followers a ton? How about 10k? The more specific the goal is, the easier it will be to measure it!⁠

📌Measurable – Speaking of measurable! You have to be able to measure your growth towards your goal. Wanting to have a successful Instagram account isn’t a measurable goal. But, working towards an engagement rate of 30% is!⁠

📌Attainable – Is your goal realistic? You may want to have a thriving social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn… but you may not have time for all of them. Focus on smaller, attainable goals until you can reach the bigger goals.⁠

📌Relevant – Nobody wants to put work into something that doesn’t matter, right? This is important when setting goals. Make sure your goals align with the broader vision for your business. If you’re an online women’s boutique and have 100k followers but 75% of them don’t contribute to sales, have you reached your goals?⁠

📌Time-Bound – Timelines are everything! We all want to have 100k+ followers, but if you currently have 10k followers then you’re probably not going to hit that number in a month. Set a reasonable timeline for your goals.⁠

The secret to goal-setting is by starting with one SMART goal. Then when you achieve it, add another goal! Rinse…REPEAT!  What is one SMART goal that you’re going to set for your business this month?⁠