Guru Tips For Writing Great Email Subject Lines

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Guru Tips For Writing Great Email Subject Lines

We are all getting lots of email messages every day. It can be overwhelming at times and, truth be told, many of those messages are never opened.

What’s the number one reason an email gets ignored?

The email subject line!

The subject line of your email or newsletter is the first thing you need to get right. You need your subscribers to open your emails, and a subject line that gets their attention is key.

If you are crafting a great email message, make sure your headline helps you get good open rates.

The Gurus have a few tips to get you started.

Keep Your Email Headline Short

Subscribers need to be able to see the entire subject line. This will help them decide whether they click to open the rest.

Since people scan through their emails, keep your subject line short (50 characters or less).

Send yourself a test of your newsletter to see how your subject line looks on your devices and on desktop programs like Outlook or Mac Mail.

Avoid Spammy Words in Your Subject

Email messages with spam words might not make it past strong email filters. Your subscribers will never get your email.

Do not use the following words in your email subject line:

  • sale
  • discount
  • coupon
  • free
  • limited time offer

Even the word reminder is over used and can trigger a spam filter. If email with these spammy words do get to someone’s inbox, chances are that message will get ignored.

Personalize Your Email Subject Line

Try personalizing emails with your subscriber’s first name. This option is available in most email managers like Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Try inserting the name field to personalize the subject and see if it works for you.

Keep it Real Simple with Email

The point we’re trying to share is to keep it simple: You want your subscribers to click and open your email messages.

Keep testing compelling subject lines and track what works best for you!

Why is email marketing so important for my Petoskey Michigan business?

Because we are all attached to our email. We check our email every single day. Some people check their email up to twenty times a day. Our phones make it even easier to check our email all day long. Most of us check our email before we do anything else online, maybe while still in bed! Email continues to be the best way to reach your audience, no matter their age.