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E-commerce Hacks with Instagram Stories

Updated: May 14, 2022

Links on Instagram stories is a tool that allows businesses and creators to reach and attract more followers. The current tool uses a swipe up feature in the story that allows the user to access a landing page without leaving the Instagram app or going to the bio of the individual. The swipe up feature will be turned into a sticker that can be placed directly on the picture, or video, leading the user to any destination your URL is linked to.

How to add links to Instagram Stories with the new sticker feature

To gain access to the sticker feature the account must have at least 10K + followers and be a business or creator account. The sticker is much more visible and accessible to the user because it can be placed anywhere on the story.

To add links to your Instagram story with 10K + followers

  • Open the Instagram app.

  • From here you can swipe left to add an Instagram story.

  • Once the story is completed, search through the sticker tray for the link sticker option before posting.

  • Click URL, add your desired link, and click done.

  • You’re ready to post! Click Share your Story.

Driving Traffic for Accounts with Less than 10K followers

If you don’t have a business or creator account and have less than 10K followers, don’t worry, there are ways to drive traffic from your followers too!

For a while, many users have been wanting Instagram to allow users to add links even if they don’t fit the following criteria and the app seems to be open to the idea. Instagram VP, Vishal Shah, announced that they will be testing making Instagram Story links available to accounts with followings of all sizes.

At this time, it isn’t clear how many accounts will be given access to the feature, but the announcement said that they will be testing select accounts with “a voice and reach on the platform” to use links on their Instagram Stories. Until the app rolls out the feature fully, there are a few ways smaller accounts can drive traffic from stories.

Link Hack #1: Add your swipe up link to an IGTV Video

IGTV allows users of any size to add a link to their video, while this feature isn’t as extensive as links on stories, you can add multiple clickable links to your IGVT video in the video description.

  • First, record a video between 15 seconds to 10 minutes and add links to the video description.

  • After you post the video you can create a story with a call-to-action directing users to go to your IGTV video in your bio.

  • The user will be able to go directly to the IGTV video and access the links via swipe up in the video description, leading them to any URL you choose.

Link Hack #2: Links to your Instagram Shop

Enabling Instagram Shopping on your account is one extra way to drive traffic from your account. Once this is set up you can add a link to your shop via Instagram Story regardless of follower count.

  • First, you’re going to have to set up an Instagram Shop, you can do this by using Instagram’s setup guide here.

  • Then create a story in any creative format you want.

  • Finally, select the link icon at the top of the screen and click shop. Once you post, any user can directly access your shop directly from the story.

To drive the most traffic from your story be sure to use a clear call-to-action that directs the user to your link in the easiest way. The sticker feature allows the creator to be more accessible to their following by making the link more visible for the audience. Viewers may take a little bit to warm up to the new sticker feature so be sure to prompt them to follow the link and use it frequently on your stories to allow them to feel more comfortable. Instagram Stories are a great way to reach potential and existing users as well as to drive sales, be sure to take advantage of the different ways users can interact with your stories and your page.


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