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GURU TIP: How To Pin Your IG Post

After being in the news for a few months, Instagram's 'Pinned Post' feature has finally arrived! Starting off as a feature that only select user's have had access to, Instagram is now rolling out the feature to everyone. This feature will reshape how a profile layout will read and has endless possibilities for new design techniques. No matter what your account's following is, there will be functional uses to immediately increase the bounce rates from your page and convert visits to followers. Not only will Instagram allow you to pin one post, but THREE posts can be pinned at one time.

First start by going to your profile and tapping on any post that you would like to pin. There will be a prompt letting you know about this new feature. Once you pin a post to the top of your feed, it can be removed at any time, and it will automatically be returned to it's original position in your feed. You can fully control what order your pinned posts will appear in, creating a chance for three-part posts to be fully displayed at the top of your profile! With Instagram changing constantly, stay tuned for more Guru tips and updates to stay at the top of your social media game!


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