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Location, Location, Location: Geo-Marketing Strategies

Any realtor will tell you that this is the most important factor in purchasing a home or business. What a realtor might not know, however, is how impactful location can be in the social space.

In today’s world, your business’s visibility is one of the biggest factors in driving foot traffic and sales and there is no greater place to become more visible than on social media. Using geo-marketing and geo-hashtagging, your business can become more seen on social media and more accessible to a greater number of people.

Geomarketing is a tool that uses geographic or location-based information to help businesses create strategies and marketing campaigns. Using geomarketing, a business is able to compile customer data based on a region or particular location. Data from online transactions, mobile devices and other sources are stored in company databanks to determine where customers are when they shop and reach customers based on their location.

Geo-hashtagging is one tool used in this process. When posting for your business on social media you are able to add up to a certain number of hashtags in the comments. These hashtags are available in the search and discovery section of a lot of social media platforms, like Instagram. If your business is located in Petoskey, you can post content with a comment such as #downtownpetoskey. When users click the specific hashtag, your post will be featured alongside the other posts with the same hashtag. On this discovery page there are a top post and most recent section, both fairly self-explanatory, your business will become more visible for users who are searching for that location on their social media.

You can also tag your location in your post. This feature will show your post the same way a hashtag would but in a specific location. By using geohashtags and locations your business becomes featured in a list of content that people search for. If customers post on their social media using the location of your business or the city they’re in, your business will be able to engage with them easily.

The use of geohashtags and locations is a great strategy to gain a lot of free exposure on social media. Users may tag you directly or see your posts when searching through a specific location. Your visibility online offers a great opportunity to be featured in their feed and has the potential to drive traffic to your page, website, and even physical store.

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